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Custom Search Results with Google SearchWiki

Posted by Dave Cartledge

November 21, 2008

Custom Search Results with Google SearchWiki

Google have just announced the release of SearchWiki, which is a way for you to customise search results in the Google search engine.

On the search results page, you will now notice an arrow and a cross next to each result shown. These buttons enable you to customise the ranking of each search result with a single click - if you have a favourite site that is currently ranking lower down the page, you can now bring this site to the top of the rankings.

This useful feature currently only affects your own searches and you’ll need to be logged in to Google to use it. However, this could be a sign that Google are looking for other signals of quality and it’s hard to see that Google won’t use this data to influence the search results in the future.

More information, and a useful video can be found on the Google Blog.