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Creative Services

Creativity that cuts through and makes the difference

In a world of ever increasing competition, brands need to pay ever more diligence to how they are differentiated from their competitors. In an online world, where attention spans can be shorter than those of amnesic goldfish, getting instant recognition is vital.

The simple fact is that you only get one chance at making a first impression. If you’re running an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign the chances are it’s cost you good money to get a visitor to your site in the first place. You have make sure that visitor feels they have ‘come to the right place’ and you have only a few seconds to do so. Your site needs to engage potential or even existing customers immediately, and then keep them there.

Making your site ‘good enough to eat’

Another simple fact is that people love things that look good – people ‘eat with their eyes’. They shop with their eyes too and are surrounded by sophisticated design and imagery. We like to think of web sites a bit like restaurants where people look in the window for a first impression, look at the menu, and then if it’s got what they’re looking for they go in.

The competitive advantage and disadvantage

The challenge for brand owners online is that visitors have none of the ‘collateral’ references they have in a high street environment. The web is a truly level playing field where every shop window is the same size and there are no benefits of location or position. Web sites do however have a considerable degree more customer interaction than shop windows and experienced web visitors can quickly determine the levels and quality of personal service they can expect from a site.

From the point of view of new, small or growing brands this offers a huge opportunity and advantage – visitors first value you simply on your home page, and if your home page looks better and more engaging than that of possibly much bigger players then ‘so what’?

For bigger brands and businesses the reverse is true. While an imposing bricks and mortar presence may impress on the high street, sites that are big and hard to navigate around can be a put off online. Most web visitors come to a site looking for specific ‘stuff’ and want to find it quickly and easily.

Good ideas, innovation, good design and creativity will never go out of fashion

At Agilecoms ltd we believe that creativity is every bit as important as functionality and that ‘ideas make the difference’. We’re not just talking about creating something that’s easy on the eye – we’re talking about an approach that creates a sense of engagement, lasting contact and creates a difference. We think that takes:

  • Commercial insight
  • Understanding of the business case
  • Innovative thinking
  • Strong core creative concepts
  • Great design
  • Strong copy
  • A 360° user experience

If you would like to know more about our creative services please don’t hesitate to ask.

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