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Nobody can resist a text message and the wide world of SMS messaging is getting increasingly creative. Just like email, SMS messaging is incredibly accountable, testable and therefore remarkably cost effective. We consider that SMS is one of the most interactive of all channels – you can tell within hours how well your message is working. Best of all you can quickly and quite cheaply test it, change it and go on doing so until you get it right.

Most exciting of all for marketers, with mobile devices increasing in sophistication at an exponential rate, the entire mobile telephony channel has become the most dynamic customer interface available. At Agilecoms ltd we believe the time has come to view mobile communications as a sector in its own right, rather than as a subsidiary channel to the web.

Think mobile, act global

As such this mobile environment can become a lead channel for a wide range of communications and applications. It demands a change of mind-set to appreciate the new requirement as web sites and web applications designed for smaller mobile devices have to be framed within realistic parameters of functionality.

From the consumers point of view the underlying expectation of accessing the web through a device such as an iPhone or other ‘smart’ phone is little different than the expectation of accessing it through a full-sized screen. However from the web developer’s point of view the constraints of screen size and general usability provide a unique set of circumstances for both functionality and content.

On the one hand a brand wants to ‘act global’ – or at least as global as its customer base. On the other it needs to ‘think mobile’. Trying to take an existing site and retro-fit it into a different platform can cause frustrations with user and brand owner alike.

Looking forward – leveraging the mobile wallet

Any longer-term strategic marketing plan needs to consider the implications of the ‘mobile wallet’. Consumers have already happily established trusted commercial relationships with their mobile supplier, and the landscape is well prepared for a proliferation and diversification of the ability to transact and pay via a mobile device.

Against this backdrop you don’t need a crystal ball to predict that both demand from consumers, cost-efficiencies for suppliers, and the facility of instant interactivity and ‘pay now’ functionality will lead to an environment where those who don’t have a mobile web platform risk seeing a significant decline in business and sales.

For the
technical people

Our mobile gateways to all the major networks offer SMS and MMS in one and two way formats. You can choose dedicated short codes and mobile number replacement. Our C# Microsoft .NET developers can make your websites and applications available 24/7 in the palm of your hand.

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