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Pay-per-click consultancy

Pay-per-click Consultancy

You can have the most fantastic web site in the world but if nobody goes and looks at it it’s not doing its job. Worse still it’s a waste of valuable budget. Quite simply, if you have a site, you need to either attract viewers to it or drive viewers to it.

Attracting visitors is all about Search Engine Optimisation (known as SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (known as SEM). There are some very sophisticated techniques applied here, mainly designed to move your site as high up the search engine listings as possible. As a full service Digital Agency Agilecoms ltd has a substantial offering in the SEO area and you can find details elsewhere on this site under SEO.

SEO however takes time and is very competitive. So, while you’re waiting for your site to work its way up the rankings you’ll probably be looking to drive visitors to your site by advertising. Of course advertising costs money and, as with anything that costs money, you want to be advertising in the best possible place to attract your target prospects. Nothing is more cost effective and highly targeted as Pay-Per-Click, normally referred to as PPC

How does PPC work?

While search engines do their best to bring all relevant sites to the browser’s notice they understand that they’re not perfect, and that website owners need other ways to raise the profile of their web offerings. That’s why at the top of any search engine results page, and normally again on the right hand side, you’ll find sponsored links and advertisements.

These are sites that have chosen to pay to be put on the page in a high profile position when a certain search term is typed in. That means site owners can be fairly certain the person searching is interested in a product like theirs. Best of all it actually costs nothing for the web site to appear, the site owner only pays once the browser has actually ‘clicked’ through to the site.

More unusually, unlike most other forms of advertising, the price you pay for someone to click through is variable – and you can set that price yourself as the positions are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The only risk here is that if you bid too low you might never get high enough up the page to be noticed.

A major benefit of PPC is that, providing you have the right tracking tools on your site, it’s incredibly accountable. Get it right and no other paid method of inclusion provides such a well chosen audience with the opportunity to measure traffic and conversion down to an exact point of profit in so few steps.

What do you need for a PPC campaign?

The key to using PPC successfully is attracting eyeballs to your ads that turn into clicks and then make sure your site has the best possible reporting. You also need your ads in the right place at the right cost. Here’s how Agilecoms ltd can help:

  • Detailed keyword research – find the best search terms
  • Budget forecasting – how much should you pay
  • An effective cost per click (CPC) strategy
  • Campaign set-up
  • Ad copywriting
  • Position maintenance
  • ROI tracking, performance reporting and campaign optimisation.

Agilecoms ltd and PPC – the state of the art and science made simple

Planning and running an effective PPC campaign is a mixture of art and science that requires quite a singular mindset and skill set. Get it right and you have an advertising medium able to offer not only remarkable ROI but essential commercial insight into the bargain.

Agilecoms ltd has the mindset and the skill set required – and we love the intellectual and commercial challenge PPC presents. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the
technical people

Google Adwords Qualified Professionals Our Google qualified engineers are trained to manage your spend effectively. We manage your campaigns using geographic targeting, content networks and monitoring for performance tracking. When combined with advanced analytics, we can accurately measure your PPC Return on Investment.

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