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SharePoint Development

Business revolves around the effective exchange of information and today’s technology has meant we communicate more and more at a distance. SharePoint is increasingly used where businesses want to deploy and share knowledge and management information online across a wide group of stakeholders.

How does SharePoint work?

Essentially SharePoint provides a ‘portal’ or doorway through which diverse sub-sets of people can access an even more diverse sub-set of information. One way of looking at a portal is almost like an airport departure lounge where people on different journeys through your business can land and depart through various gates.

What benefits does SharePoint deliver?

Often used in businesses which have a variety of locations and working sites, SharePoint offers a comprehensive way to unify access to information:

  • Create a complete view of the business
  • Put relevant information at your fingertips
  • Share knowledge and Management Information across the organisation
  • Optimise leverage of your intellectual capital
  • Find, aggregate and provision SharePoint ‘sites’
  • Create self-service portals
  • Automate business processes
  • Speed up adoption by deploying familiar tools and interfaces
  • Reduce time and costs for ‘out-of-the-box’ portal services

How easy is it to work with SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft product and is easy to implement, use and maintain. Integration with other systems is one of the key requirements of any portal solution and SharePoint is based on ASP.NET and SQL technologies making it compatible with the majority of applications in use today and customisable by any .NET based software developer (including us!).

Agilecoms ltd and SharePoint

As a full service digital agency we are fascinated by SharePoint. It is probably not a technology that smaller businesses necessarily need to embrace in the near future but its sheer ‘joined-upness’ seems to offer endless possibilities for a breadth and depth of uses.

If you’re interested in talking about SharePoint development and applications we are too – don’t hesitate to call.

For the
technical people

Our developers specialise in the Microsoft .NET framework. Using C# and ASP.NET we are able to customise your sharepoint solution to your branding and business workflows.

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